Fees & Insurance

How much do you charge?

Dr. Young’s fee is $140 for a 53-minute session, and he accepts Aetna and Tricare.

The fee for John Snyder is $125 for a 53-minute session. The fee for Hannah Robinson and Joanna Magee is $110 for a 53-minute session. The fee for Tiana Hickson is $60. John, Hannah and Joanna all accept Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, and Tricare. If you have one of these insurers, unless you have a deductible, you will normally only be charged a copay. We recommend calling your insurer before coming in to find out your copay and deductible, if any.

This fee covers a full 60 minutes, as it includes additional time for preparation and note-taking.  Our therapists spend a considerable amount of time above and beyond this pursuing continuing education, attending professional conferences and trainings, and researching clients’ conditions and how to better treat them.

What if I have another insurer?

If our therapists are not considered in-network with your insurance company, we recommend checking your out-of-network benefits to find out how much of our fee might be covered. Companies such as United and Cigna often have very good out-of-network benefits so we highly recommend checking. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid, and they will not reimburse you for any portion of the fee. Anthem Healthkeepers Plus is a Medicaid plan, so we cannot accept it.

Is teletherapy or online therapy covered by insurance?

Teletherapy is sometimes covered by insurance. You should call your insurance company to find out whether teletherapy is covered by your plan. If they ask for a “Place of Service” code, that code is “02.”