Supportive Counseling

Many people who come to see us are uncomfortable talking about their lives or with sharing personal information. Some people are just uncomfortable talking in general. Some people just want someone to listen. Others are in a bad situation that they simply can’t get out of, like a mistake that can’t be taken back, a marriage that is too expensive to leave, a chronic illness or injury, or the loss of a loved one. Some people are seeking a trusted advisor who can help them talk through situations and make better choices.

When you come to see one of our providers, we will ask you what kind of service you are seeking. Are you looking to cure symptoms or to solve a problem? Do you want to learn more about yourself or better understand the nature of something that you are experiencing? Or are you seeking support or help with coping? Whether you are specifically looking for an efficient solution, or a gradual, supportive approach, tell us when you call or send an appointment request (which we prefer), and Cindy, our scheduler, will suggest the provider who is best suited for your needs.