I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, specializing in anxiety, OCD, and relationship problems, including romantic connection and sexual desire mismatches.  I use the most proven treatment approaches available. I believe that therapy should be focused and goal-directed, and not about endlessly recounting your past.  It should be about changing your life for the better in the most efficient way possible. My goal is to help you understand the problems that you are facing, and to help you solve them so that you can move on with your life and be happier.  I use approaches that have been repeatedly shown to be either better or equivalent to medication-based treatment, and I never stop learning.

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My clients

I work with capable, intelligent people who see room for improvement in their work, their relationships, their ability to find happiness, or their health and overall well-being.  Some of them want to be better at their jobs.  Others want to be better parents or to have a better relationship with their spouse.  Or they want to get past that one thing that is holding them back.  Some of them experience more intense anxiety, stress, conflicts in their marriages, or difficulty changing their own behavior.  But they all come to me because I use the most proven approaches, and what I do makes sense to them.


Besides my family and psychology, my passions include astrophysics (very amateur), music (from Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash to Fugazi and Radiohead), pie-eating contests (7x winner), and watching the Washington Capitals lose in the first round of the playoffs.  I played a lot of roller hockey and jumped off of a lot of stages at concerts before I was old. I am an Air Force veteran, and I love being a psychologist and connecting with other people.  The one thing that makes me happiest is seeing someone do something good for someone else.

Fee and Insurance

I charge $150 a session, which is on the low end of the range for Psychologists in Charlottesville. I do not string therapy out. I do not see myself as a support who will stay with you forever. My job is to make you feel and function better. Not to support you for the rest of your life. My clients tend to see me for 3-9 months. I will very rarely see someone for a year or two.

If you cannot afford to see me, and you do not have insurance, please consider working with Malissa Watterson, M.S.W., Supervisee in Social Work. She is an excellent therapist, and she expects to be licensed as an LCSW in July, 2023.


  • Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)
  • Master of Arts (MA), Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology